New Wave 4000mah 7.6v 120c LCG Shorty Li-Po


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Introducing the New Wave 4000mAh 7.6V 120C LCG Shorty Li-Po Battery: Unleash Lightning-Fast Performance for Mod Buggy Racing!

Experience the ultimate power and agility with the New Wave 4000mAh 7.6V 120C LCG Shorty Li-Po Battery. Specifically designed for Mod buggy racing, this battery delivers exceptional performance, lightweight design, and unrivaled power.

Key Features:

  • High Capacity: With a 4000mAh capacity, this battery offers extended runtimes for long-lasting racing sessions without frequent recharging.

  • Lightning-Fast Power: The impressive 120C discharge rate provides instant bursts of power, ensuring rapid acceleration and enhanced performance on the track.

  • Low Center of Gravity (LCG) Design: The LCG configuration of this battery promotes improved weight distribution and stability, allowing for better handling and cornering during races.

  • Lightweight and Powerful: The New Wave 4000mAh 120C LCG Shorty Li-Po Battery combines lightweight construction with powerful performance, giving you the edge in competitive racing.

  • Convenient Connectors: Equipped with 5mm bullet plugs and a Deans charge lead, this battery offers reliable and easy connections for quick charging and seamless compatibility.

Unleash your racing potential with the New Wave 4000mAh 7.6V 120C LCG Shorty Li-Po Battery. Dominate the track with its lightweight design, lightning-fast power, and optimal performance for Mod buggy racing. Upgrade your racing game and experience the thrill of victory with this high-performance battery pack.

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